Today in Greece there are almost 5.5 million passenger cars and 900 thousand light trucks (up to 3.5t) in circulation. These transport vehicles need to remain in uninterrupted operation. In order to achieve this goal, a unit that will provide tomorrow’s scientific training and education with services that will remind yesterday’s excess, is offered with today’s market prices.


This makes interesting the FMS mission while imperative the creation of management units of maintenance and reinstatement, that will require expertise acquired over years of experience in order to achieve these goals. These have already been done.
Today’s challenge for FMS are the new technologies. 

After years of delay, Diesel engines have become a reality for large Urban centers, while Hybrid Technology even though developed mostly by 2 car manufacturers has started becoming regular, while not as common. Electric power develops rapidly and already can be seen in the streets, cars that have just been unplugged and soon we will see being driven on the Hellenic streets cars powered by hydrogen. FMS responds to this evolution with continuous daily educational updates and development of technical and executive staff.
In conjunction with the education that we continuously seek from all the manufacturers that we represent, we also receive support in many different ways.  Robert Bosch S.A. has honored us with its collaboration for the last 20 years, giving the advantage of up to date education on cutting edge technologies, electronic equipment and proper software.
The previously stated advantages along with our staffs thriving moral have made reality exactly the concept that we had originally envisioned. 
Converting our eras challenges in growth and progress opportunities.
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